Wherever you are in your journey, our bodies are meant to be discovered, explored, and evolved. But most importantly, they are unique! Want to get Caught Red Handed?

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Working out is never the same as "working out with music". What's the vibe call for? House, hip-hop, chill beats... it is always important to keep it fresh and fun. What's bumpin' in the speakers now?

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Tackling the gym can seem easier than tackling the fridge. What are you eating? When are you eating? Why are you eating? Let's talk about it!

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Discovering Myself Everyday to Help You Do the Same

We work hard for our family, our friends, loved ones, our bosses. Hell, we work hard for people we don't care for, and why? To prove something? To be the idea of what we "ought to be"? Take a second to prove something to yourself first.

Our own self discovery is the way to succeed for anyone in our lives. Self discovery leads to self-love, and only then can we begin to share that.

Love your light, to share your light, and whatever you do...let go of the extra shit that may dim it.