H. Rivosechi

Victoria's Secret


"I got into fitness a few years ago, and found that I preferred structured classes and variety (yoga, barre, spin, HIIT) rather than being left to my own devices with free weights at the gym. I had never found one workout that completely changed my body and satisfied all of my fitness needs… until I met Tomás!

From the moment I had my first HIIT session with Tomás- or “Reps on Rhythm” as he calls it- I knew he was going to help me change my body and take my fitness routine to the next level, all while having fun, building my iTunes library and sweating more than any Bikram yoga class could make me! I started training with Tomás in his classes exclusively in October 2016, and continue to be challenged and inspired by him on a daily basis to transform my body and push myself harder.

I am so impressed by his passion to help clients and his ability to come up with constantly evolving work-outs and club-worthy playlists that make me feel like a real boss bi*ch when swinging those kettlebells! It’s because of Tomás that I have the confidence to rock a crop top (I’ve worked hard for these abs!) and I plan to be a long-term client."